an elemental enterprise and collective

Journey into the Landscape of the sacred

The Elemental Enterprise is a vision for connection. It is the result of my personal journey of transformation and healing. It does not sit on the fringe, rather it injects itself into the core, working within the flow to redirect resources towards expansion for everyone. It splits into two streams, The Elemental Explorer and The Elemental Wares. Through Attunements, the world of the Elemental Explorer takes you on a pilgrimage into both the inner and the outer landscape of the sacred. The Elemental Wares offers the toolkit for expansion that will help to activate new possibilities for your journey of transformation.

elemental explorer + landscape of the sacred

A space where we attune together, honouring all that is sacred, and invite the landscape to awaken our authentic self and the infinite connection we share.

the world of the Elemental Explorer


The act of Attunement is to bring things into harmony, it is to be as one. The world of the Elemental Explorer

Elemental Wares + toolkit for expansion

A consciously curated toolkit for expansion. A symphony of ritual, reverie and movement to activate our free expression.

The Elemental Wares is a market place for the activated objects to build your own toolkit for expansion. Based on model of reciprocity with 20% of all profit being shared with others to continue to explore radial thinking and liberated expression.


The Epochs form a bridge between the landscape of the Elemental Explorer and the tools for attunement offered in the Elemental Wares. An Epoch is a moment in time, and I like to think of them as virtual exhibition spaces. They are like chapters is a book, mapping and collecting elements of discovery.